Don't need the florist or designer but still need flowers?


Why order from a local designer?

Take the stress out of timely deliveries and quality by ordering your flowers from CP Ross Designs.. The minimum order is $100.00.   

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Serving the special event and floral industry for 20 years.

Why should I order flowers from CP Ross Designs instead of on line? We have long term relationships with our distributors. We know color and what works together and we can receive flower deliveries five days a week. 

Perfect for the DIY bride , event or corporate event.

DIY has become increasingly popular and the fact is you can save by arranging them yourself and have fun with friends, bridesmaids, family or volunteers.

We deliver your flowers with how to instructions for preparation.

Quality is important but so is how to prep your flowers to last , where to store them and how soon you should except a delivery .

How do i know what is in season or do not know anything about flowers?

We will be glad to set up a consultation with you and browse together with a lnk to an

extensive flower library with your selections if you elect to order from 

CP Ross Designs.


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Not sure what to do and need some design help,we offer that too.

We offer one stop shop and can order  all of your supplies and containers..

Flower questons

Additional Information

What are the most expensive flowers?  Calla lillies, Orchids, Peonies.

What are the most popular flowers? Hydrangea, roses, lillies, sunflowers.

Can you deliver them to my house or event venue? Yes

How far in advance should I receive my flowers? Some flowers open sooner than others.

Some flowers take longer. We will be glad to make several deliveries.

What if I want you to design and order my flowers but we want to do all of the assembly?

We will be glad to talk to you about that and we even offer a design class on centerpieces,

bouquets etc.

When does my order have to be in? We suggest two weeks in advance. Holidays may need to be in earlier.

What If I need more at the last minute? We will be glad to talk to our distribituors about availabilty or substitutions !